Drag ….

Tonight marked the 8th season of my favorite show, RuPauls Drag Race. I can’t give one reason why I love the show but I can give you multiple reasons.

Drag is a form of art. It’s a transformation, sometimes people think it’s guys dressing as girls but it is more than that. It’s becoming a character and illusion. Some drag queens do not dress simply as women but many create female personas. Living in Chicago I am blessed to see many forms of drag !!! I see artisist breaking gender roles and creating wonderful pieces of art with their bodies.

Although the show doesn’t show all aspects of drag it shows a good amount of diversity and opens the doors for those to explore. What we see on the show is simply a snapshot of a larger culture. I’m excited not because of a new season but also because of how the show has brought me and my friends closer to each other through something we all love.


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