The journey ….

So as they say the journey has to start somewhere… but where. As I sit here thinking about my life I will send you on a brief recap of the last 33 years.

I was born on decemebr 28th, 1982 from the two most influential people in the world… My mom and dad… Influential because they taught me right from wrong and what to and what not to do. As with most people growing up we had good times and bad times. I will most likely reflect on both in future posts here on my blog. I grew up in Chicago within the neighborhoods of Bridgeport and Pilsen. I went to private and catholic schools most of my life and was always a very independent kid.

Growing up I was involved in a lot of things like art, poetry, acting and dancing. I was also very smart and loved to read. I was kind of the nerd/outsider in the family but I was adored and loved. In high school I struggled like everyone else with identity and eventually discovered that I was gay. OMG right !!! Gay !!! But that didn’t define me actually it made me stronger of course. Well after high school I didn’t know what to do so I worked and I worked hard too. I was a manager in retail and did what everyone else in retail that is gay does. I partied and I partied a lot. I partied so much I got tired of partying. Strange right ?

Well when I was 29 I decided to go back to school. I decided to leave retail forever and get my masters in counseling. In the last four years so much has happened.

… And now we’re here, 33 and on a journey. A journey to finally finishing completing me. I say that because I have really done a lot of work trying to figure out who I am and where I stand. I’m ready to complete my circle or my journey and I want to share that with everyone. So I decided to create this blog. To share my experiences and answer any questions that I can. Why… Well why not !!!!


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