With all the new evidence what can you do 20 years later ?

And just like that ….. Everyone is talking about it again. JonBenet, what happened that night?

If you recently watched any of the documentaries or specials on TV you may think you have found the answers, but really what happened. The only people who know are either dead or will never tell. I sat here thinking about why? After 20 years what would possibly be the outcome of rehashing this horrific event. I think the public wants answers and justice. I wonder though will we ever get it even after the truth comes out. Will we be able to prosecute if it was Burke, will we find the killer if we prove it was an intruder and if it was Ms. Ramsey she’s already gone. Answers yes I think we all want, but what damage could this being in the meantime.

I struggle with what I would like to see happen. It is painful to loose someone and even more painful when you have no answers and when it is murder you want justice. But one thing I have learned is sometimes you have to be ok with not getting the answer. You have to get to a place where something like this cannot consume you and stop you from living in the present. Who knows what will happen now but I just hope that JonBenet is happy on the other side. I hope that whatever happened that night happened quickly and there was no suffering.

I don’t know why I decided to write this today after such a long time of not writing about anything. I also debated if I was going to go in and give my opinion. But that will maybe come later if I am asked.


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