Is America at its Tipping Point?

What is going on? If you take a look at what has been going on in America lately it’s clear that we are divided and at a point where people are seeking answers and changes. You would think after the first elected African American president made it into office and gay marriage was legal, we finally made it. Sadly, that is wrong. White America has a problem with that and because of that we see someone like Trump running in office, we see cops killing African Americans and we see an uprising in hate groups.

There is not one right answer to any of these problems but there are solutions and we need to look at them. We need to start to pick apart each of the issues going on in this country and get to the root of where all the issues lie.

America and Europe are seen as leaders of the world. Why aren’t we looking to see what’s going on in Europe and what’s working there and implement some changes in America? I say this because, for instance, in Southampton, England police are not allowed to carry guns.  What do we see there? We see no police shootings and the problems that we are experiencing in America. In 2011, riots took place in a part of Europe due to a London police officer killing a black teen. In those riots we saw them armed with shields and tear gas but none carried weapons. In the rest of the United Kingdom, except Northern Ireland, the majority of police officers do not carry firearms that duty is instead carried out by specially-trained firearms officers. This originates from the formation of the Metropolitan Police Service in the 19th century. Due to public fears and objections, police offers were not armed. This, in part, was due to the British Army maintaining order when needed. That isn’t something that we see here in America. We see that in combination with weapons, rubber pellets and water canyons. I am not saying other places have all the answers but I am saying let’s look at our problem and compare it to the number of police killings they have and find a solution.

The problem though isn’t just with the police; police are at the forefront of the problem right now. The problem is systemic and cyclical. There is not one group to blame and we need to make changes on both sides. Fear plays a big role in the problem, fear of police and fear of black individuals. Where did the fear come from? It come from our history and dates back decades? Fear is just an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous something likely to cause pain, or a threat. It is this fear that we need to work on. We need to show by changing our actions that we do not need to fear one another.

The world loves Obama. Hands down. You can ask a number of people who do not live here and it is obvious that he has won over the world so why doesn’t the rest of America see that. The problem is that the majority of white America cannot handle the fact that we had a black president who did his job and did it well. You can say that Obamacare ruined America but it was a step to universal healthcare which is what this country needs. It may not have been perfect but whatever is when you first start it. With every new idea and invention there will be kinks to work out. We in America are so ready to attack someone for a failed project or attempt to fix something instead of saying, “Hey that didn’t work, what we can do to fix it.”

The number of hate groups rose by 14 percent in 2015 with groups like Black Separatists, Ku Klux Klan leading the increase along with Racist Skinhead, White Nationalist and Anti-LGBT groups following. These numbers are from an article in the Washington post in 2015. These hate groups are increasing in 2016 with the Trump campaign and how he is handling everything. His whole campaign sits on fear and hate and we allowed that to happen and we continue to allow that to happen.

We are at the tipping point; we are in for a rude awakening and a huge crash here in America and in the world. So how do we prepare? How do you prepare? I don’t have the answer to that, I wrote this today just to bring some awareness of what I think is going on. I wanted to share my thoughts on the current situation in my opinions. The problems I have mentioned are just a few and if I can go on and on for hours I would. We cannot be politically ignorant at a time like this; it would be stupid and ridiculous.


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