Internet, Social Media, and Relationships …..

Before internet you communicated with you friends and family in person or by the telephone. Even before that you would write them letters and hang out together. Since the internet though keeping up with your loved ones has gotten easier. But has it also hurt relationships ?

I can say that I have experienced an increase in the people I stay connected too. I have closer relationships with people that I have had in my past. I even have met new people abroad and in my home town. This has just been my experience. I have also seen the other side to this as well. I have seen people easily get hurt by the internet and other means of social media. I have seen relationships destroyed by a picture or a post by a friend or family member that has been taken out of context. I have also seen people bully other people or groups of people. I think the internet is a great means but only if we use it wisely and not to maliciously.

I am not saying we need to censor what we say or post. I am saying though we need to be cautious. Could what I am about to say offend someone ? Am I mad or upset while I am posting this ? Is this how I am going to feel tomorrow ? Too many times we react and later wish we can take it all back. Unfortunately with internet we can’t always do that.

I think about romantic relationships too. How many times have you heard or been mixed up in a situation where your partner says, “Why you liked their picture”. When that happens though you have to question not the actions but what else has gone on in the relationship before.

Has social media has hurt the way we meet people we date. Before you would approach someone or be introduced. Some people say that online dating apps make people more superficial. Swipe right ? or Swipe left ? It’s the same though in person or at a bar. You approach someone for the same reasons you swipe right or swipe left. There is not really a difference. It’s really just how you use it.

The way we communicate needs to be personalized and tailored to what works best for us. I don’t think one way is better than the other. I think it just means we have a little something to work on and be cautious of.


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