My New Years Goal and personal motivation !!! 

Like everyone else I decided to make some New Years resolutions or goals. I’ve done this the past few years and last year for the first time I took it seriously. I made 8/10 goals. This year I made 8 !! So far so good, I am working on each. What I learned last year when I was creating them was that they needed to be realistic. Too many times we have an end result in mind and fail to realize the steps that it takes can be the hardest part. Some of my goals last year were to make it to this years goals. I decided to have a big end goal in sight for myself and my 35 birthday and last year was how to I get Halfway there. That’s how last years goals were set up !!! This years now get me to the other half !!! I guess the reason I decided to share this was that if you want to succeed remember to focus on the little steps to get there and not the end result. Celebrate the small accomplishment and small steps you’ve made. It will motivate you more. 


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