To be the best me I have to do me…

When I created this blog/site the idea was to update it weekly. I wanted to have a blog with substance and facts. Well I still want that but I also want to update it more often and have it as a conversational piece and an outlet, place where I can just express myself and allow you to be a part of my world. As 2017 gears up to me a life changing year for me with the loss of friends, gains of new friends and shift my own personal growth and development, I am hoping that by the end of this year I can look back at this post and say “Wow I am a new me”.

What I plan on 2017 being for me is a lot of change. I have surrounded myself with negative people and have surrounded myself with people who bring me down. That I am stopping immediately. I plan a life style change which encompasses better eating habits and working out. I am 34 and have Arthritis, Diabetes and IBS. These three diseases and disorders take a toll on the body and if I am not taking care of myself it can lead to other issues so I plan on taking control of my life and making health a priority. I plan on traveling more, if that is in the country or outside of the country the planet has a lot to offer and I need to take advantage of that. With that being said, I live in Chicago, one of the greatest cities in America. Despite the media’s portrayal it isn’t a war zone. It has its challenges but it is getting better. I plan on focusing more on the jobs and career goals that make me happy and find a balance between them. I have a degree in Counseling and my LPC and plan to utilize that as my primary source of income but I also like my side jobs outside of the field and I plan to maintain that and the balance it brings to my life. I want to see my family more and spend time with the people I love. I have been so busy with school that I have missed out on a lot.

Life is too short and too great to let it slip by. I don’t want to be complaining I’m broke or lying in bed all day watching the world go by. If my time was spent at home in front of a TV because I wanted to save for a great big house or new cars or other things that do not allow me to live I would be living a meaningless life for myself. If that is your thing I am ok with it, but it isn’t how I want to live, I want to live life to the fullest.

To be the best me I have to do me.




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