The road to recovery ….

In January of this year I went to the hospital for severe lower abdominal pain. Since about 2012 I’ve had a lot of stomach pain and problems but no diagnosis. In January this pain was something I never experienced before and went to the ER, I spent three days in the hospital doing test after test because it turns out I had diverticulitis. Now in the past all I ever heard of was diverticulosis so I was confused. After listening to the doctors and reading up on it, my case was pretty severe. In the hospital I was waiting to see if I would need the surgery as an emergency or if we can plan it. Luckily I was able to postpone until mid March. By doing this the risk of a colostomy was lowered. Fast forward to now, it’s been just about a month since surgery and I’m not feeling better, some of the symptoms have subsided but I have new pains and possible ulcers. I’ve lost 30lbs which is good but I’m so tired and can’t eat.   I’m off work and spending a lot of time alone. It’s going to turn out that I’ll be on medications for awhile and there’s a chance I won’t ever have normal GI functions going forward. My surgery left me without 1/3 of my intestines so my body is having a hard time adjusting. I keep my fingers crossed and pray every night that tomorrow will be a good day. I’ll just have to take each day as it comes. 


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