Fear amongst us

The last two weeks have put fear in  the hearts of the American people. Besides fear is confusion. We see what the president is doing and for some we are baffled and for others we see praise. What the media and the rest of the world needs to show us is the information needed to understand. As a tax paying American I want to know why, how and how much this is costing the country. We are in debt up to our heads and we are using our weapons as if they are toys. I understand that their are threats to us and our allies but I felt safer under the Obama administration that I do under Trump. His actions seem to be a way of intimidation. I’ve been having conversation with friends and colleagues and we are all worried and living in fear. Our generation hasn’t seen a war that we all feel is about to take place. For over a decade we have heard that we may be heading into WWIII but it wasn’t until recently that I started to believe it. Where do we go from here and how do we prepare the American people for it. In the 80’s in school I remember drills but I have not seen or heard anything about that and as an adult I don’t have a school desk to hide under so what do we do.


That’s all for today’s rant……


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