…. I never

I never thought I would be where I am today,

I never thought I would have wasted the days,

I never thought about how my life would impact others,

I never showed enough love to my father or mother,

I never cried for hours on end,

I never thought twice when hitting send,

I never traveled to Egypt, Paris or Rome,

I never sat somewhere to eat alone,

I never looked in the mirror and said “Gosh you’re beautiful”,

I never sat down and composed my own musical,

I never sang at the top of my lungs in the car,

I never explained to someone all my scars,

I never held my father’s hand,

I never drew pictures in the sand,

I never told my family how much I loved them,

I never felt ashamed of being too femme,

I never wanted an apology from you,

I never sit and watch the prime news,

I never felt complete shame,

I never took the blame,

I never …

I never…







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