The one year mark ….

I was plagued with the decision to keep this blog going or close out completely. Throughout the last year so much has happened that I wanted to share but it was too personal so I stepped back. But what if my words and story could help someone else. What if this is far more theraputeic than I initially thought. 

When I woke up and realized that I needed to renew my blog subscription today or shut down  I was sad. I thought about the few pieces I wrote and the small amount of posts that I wrote about life decisions and I didn’t want to stop. I thought to myself maybe it was time to take this to the next level. So I decided to renew. With this I am deciding to move forward more aggressively and hopefully update this more. I hope to add more pieces about current events, poetry and personal events including a chapter from my upcoming memoir. 

Due to circumstances that arose this year the book has stalled but the content flow is growing. 

The one year mark proves to be a a year of reflection of what was and what will be. 

I appreciate everyone who has read some of what I wrote and I appreciate the feedback. 

I can’t wait for what the next year will bring. 


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