Is there a Sexual Harassment Witch-hunt or is enough finally enough?

Note: This is my opinion and just a random thought.

Everyone feared that after Trump won it would be nothing but disaster. It’s not been good at all. I am still unsure of the next 3 years but something has been on my mind.

Trump has a history of being a sexual harasser. He has had up to 16 women accuse him of alleged sexual misconduct. My fear was that after elected people would think this was normal but in my opinion it may have just opened the door for people to finally say enough is enough.

Currently in the media we have seen a number of high profile male celebrities and politicians accused of sexual misconduct. Some call it a witch hunt while I call it justice. This obviously has gone on for a long time with many of the victims coming out publicly years after their abuse. Some are wondering why now and why after so long. I believe that it’s because after seeing Trump elected and hearing about his history of harassment women were re-traumatized through reading the stories. Besides being traumatized they finally said that enough is enough. The cycle has to stop, this is not ok and I am so happy. to see so many people coming forward. No one should have to go through any type of sexual harassment and get away with it. High profile men have been using their status to take advantage of people for years. Why they do it is case by case but the current situation is astounding. I never thought so many people and so many stories would surface.

When I wake up I am no longer surprised to see another accuser in the media. I am not surprised that their is another story. I am actually surprised it took this long and I do believe it has to do with Trump and his history. People wanted change and people are getting change. Sometimes you have to look at the silver lining in any situation and this could be one of many. If we didn’t elect a sexual predator would things have continued to go on. Would so many people be coming forward. Who knows, but I think in my own opinion he is to blame. Whether that is a good or bad thing he has opened the door for this.

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