can the holidays just be over already !!!

I am just kidding. For me I thought that this year the holidays were going to suck. I guess when you get to a certain age you really do start seeing things differently. Of course I want 2018 to be here in fact I really want 2020 to be here so we can elect a new president lol, but I am ok with how 2017 was. It was filled with a lot of changes, challenges and is going out with a bang. I am still here though, blessed with a job, family and a few close friends who I kept throughout the most recent storm of events.

I think about how tough this year was and I think about how I handled it. I of course had my moments, my ugly moments and my caring and gracious moments. I got through each obstacle as best as I could and I can honestly say that this year I was tested. If you know me or have been following you’ve been a witness to the whirlwind of events from a broken family, the demise of a friendship, relationship troubles, health scares, and job uncertainty. While most of those I have moved on from there are some that are still daily struggles but I get through it with the help from God and my family and friends. The Holidays are a time to be thankful, for giving and for unity. If I could turn back time, I wouldn’t. I accept the things that I cannot change but move forward with positivity and the word of the lord, friends and family.

I could go on and on recapping everything but I am just going to leave this here on a pretty high note. Lot’s to come in 2018. R U READY FOR IT !!!!


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