Are we ever satisfied ….

I am one of the people who seem to be on the go. I have gone from job to job, city to city, place to place, person to person. I am always on the go. I sometimes stop and tell myself to slow down and I will. It is always short lived though. Recently I have been thinking am I satisfied with my life. Am I satisfied at home? Am I satisfied with work? My career? My life? I decided that I wasn’t and spent some time trying to figure it out. I am still trying, lol. What I did find out is I am not alone.

I am a huge advocate in being happy and doing what makes you happy. If your not than you change it. We often sit in an excuse of “I cant right now” and that is because of a financial obligation or family obligation but in reality it is simply an excuse. Now in some small cases you may have an obligation but it is short lived and you can work towards what you want.

I decided to look at my biggest worry and that is my employment. Now I like my job and my company don’t get me wrong. I am just wondering if I am in the right position or in the right field still. With this I did some digging and I was shocked but not so shocked.

I asked a handful of my friends the same questions. Are you happy at your job ? Are you happy with your career ? Are you doing what you thought you’d be doing ? Would you change it ? Why haven’t you ?

All the answers were pretty much the same. Everyone loved their jobs for whatever reason and were ok with their situation. But ……. almost everyone said it wasn’t a career it was just a job. And all of them said they weren’t doing what they wanted to do or thought they would be doing and if they all could they would be doing something else. Not one person said they would stay in the same position and all weren’t even in their chosen fields. They were doing it to pay bills, pass time until they were ready to leave, or some admitted being to lazy to look. A few were actively working on changes but had some more steps to take. Also… everyone was in their mid thirties.

This made me feel so much better. I beat myself up because I feel like I should be settled in a career but truth be told were in a day and age where you could have 2-3 careers in your lifetime. I am starting to think I am entering my third career choice. The first was great and was sufficient for the times but I changed. The second one was great, or is great but maybe it’s running it’s course. I am actively doing things for the next step but this bump had me feeling lost. I now know I am not alone and it is normal to go through these changes. So I write this hoping that if someone felt lost too like me they are not alone. It is normal and ok to go through changes. We are forever changing and evolving.


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