Hello, my name is Arthur Avalos and sometimes on social media I go by arthurlicious. I can’t tell you why that nickname started but I remember who gave it to me. I started this blog because I needed an outlet. I felt like I had so many thoughts and ideas running around in my head I needed a place to let it all out. My topics range from serious topics such as world news and politics to guilty pleasures like Drag and the Kardashians. I don’t have one direction that I want to take this blog in. All I know is that your going to have some fun going through what goes on in my head. I appreciate comments and welcome them with respect.

I am 35 years old and work in social services. Before social services I worked in retail for about a decade. I did everything in the short span of 35 years such as take dance lessons starting at age 7, guitar lessons throughout my life, and even participated in a lot of community events. When I was 10 I joined a local neighborhood newspaper called the “Newberry Times”. It was a paper written by kids of the Pilsen Community in Chicago for the residents of Pilsen. It’s where I first started to write. I was a part of the paper for a few years and made a great group of core friends who I still associate with. Besides writing, music and dance I even did some acting. At the age of 12 I auditioned for a play through my acting teacher at the local park district. I took part in a play that toured the Chicago public school system with an underlying theme of abuse. The play was a hit and a success. I continued to act throughout my teens years and through my first year of Columbia College here in Chicago. My passion is in the arts. I always try and do something that I find creative and an outlet for my emotions. Writing has been something I have always done and recently I have been working on 2 books. A memoir about my time with my partner whom struggled with addiction as well as a fiction novel.

Enjoy this blog, comment, and share.Watch it evolve and be a part of my life and get inside my mind.

Arthur Avalos






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